Advantages of Using Lightweight Climbing Sticks

When hunting, you want to be in the best position possible to stand higher chances of hitting your target. One of the best positions for hunting is hunting from an elevated position. When hunting from a higher height than your target, you’ll enjoy a wider field of view. You’ll easily spot targets from the elevated position. Also, your target is less likely to notice you when hunting from a higher position than its eye level.

If you want to hunt from an elevated position, then you should climb a tree. However, climbing a tree comes with several safety risks. If you’re not careful, you can fall down and injure yourself. Thus, it’s important to climb up or down a tree safely.

One of the simplest and safest ways of climbing up or down a tree when hunting is using a climbing stick. A climbing stick is a specially designed stick that assists in climbing a tree more safely. Some climbing sticks are mounted around a tree with straps. A typical stick comes with steps that you’ll step on as you climb up or down a tree.

Types of Climbing Sticks

Before we discuss the benefits of lightweight climbing sticks, it’s important to learn more about the available types of climbing sticks available today. They include lone climbing sticks, tree sticks, and tree steps.

Lone Climbing Sticks

These are climbing sticks that come as a single, lengthy stick. They’re typically long and customizable to fit a specific climbing style. They come with steps that pivot on both the left and right sides of the stick. These sticks also feature a v-bracket that fits onto any tree at the bottom. The single stick design makes it easier to fit the stick between branches. You can stack the sticks to make a longer climbing stick.

Tree Sticks

Tree sticks boast of being easy to set up. They look like a ladder but only have a single tube at the center. They have steps that alternate along the sides to create a ladder. You can stack tree sticks to reach greater tree heights.

Tree Steps

Tree steps come in the form of metallic steps that are screwed tightly into the trunk of a tree. They are extremely portable since they don’t feature any poles. You can mount them on a specific tree and leave them there for use on another day. However, you need to screw them securely in place for safety.

Advantages of Lightweight Climbing Sticks

When choosing a climbing stick, there’re several factors to consider. You can only enjoy the benefits of a climbing stick by choosing the best option. Consider factors such as safety, ease of setting up, adjustability, versatility, and weight.

Among these factors, weight is extremely important. If you choose a heavy stick, you’ll find it challenging to set it up. You’ll also find it challenging to carry the stick along with you. You definitely need a portable and lightweight climbing stick to make hunting easier. The advantages of using a lightweight climbing stick include:

One of the main benefits of a lightweight climbing stick is its portability. You should carry as minimal weight as possible when going out to hunt. A lightweight stick won’t add much weight to the hunting equipment you’ll be carrying. You’ll be able to maneuver through thick bushes and forests with ease. Also, you’ll find it easier to carry the stick along with your prey after successful hunting.

Another benefit of a lightweight climbing stick is that it is easy to set it up. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to position against a tree. You can set it up yourself without requiring a helping hand. Besides, you’re less likely to make noise with a lightweight stick as you can position it gently without alerting your prey.


While a lightweight climbing stick comes with numerous advantages, you should use it safely and wisely. Ensure the stick is secured tightly in place before climbing up a tree. Also, add take advantage of natural camouflage such as leaves and branches to become less visible to your prey. Regardless of how lightweight the stick is, ensure it is made of a strong and sturdy material for your safety and long-lasting service. Also, it should be adjustable and flexible such that you can disassemble it into smaller pieces for enhanced portability.

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