Reviews and Buying Guide of 5 Best Longbows in 2022

Reviews and Buying Guide of 5 Best Longbows

Today, there’s an increasing trend among hunters going back to traditional longbows and ditching modern bows. Longbows are simple to use for any user, including learners. Longbows also feel authentic. They offer a unique hunting experience. Today, you’ll find dozens of longbow brands. Thus, choosing the best longbow can be quite confusing. Buying the wrong … Read more

Wrist Release or Thumb Release: Which is better for hunting?

Wrist Release or Thumb Release Which is better for hunting

Hunting requires using the right techniques to succeed in hitting a target more accurately. Without the right techniques, you’ll find it extremely challenging to catch prey. One of the best techniques that assist in hunting more successfully is the use of release aids. Release aids are mechanical devices that assist in releasing the bowstring instead … Read more