Best Broadheads for Elk 2022: Buying Guide & Reviews

Shooting an elk down is quite challenging. You may only have one chance to shoot it down successfully. If you miss your first shot, it may be too late to get it with a second shot. Besides, an elk is quite large. Thus, you need to shoot at it with an arrow tip that can penetrate deep into the flesh. You can increase the chances of falling an elk down by shooting at it with the best broadheads for elk.

Today, there’re several types of broadheads for elk. Thus, finding the best one can be a huge task. If you’re planning to buy broadheads for elk hunting, then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve reviewed the best options available today, including a guide on how to make the right choice. Read on for the detailed reviews.

Quick Comparison Table

Broadheads for Elk by ModelWeight (in grains)Our RatingPrice
Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow100/125


Check price
G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead 3/pk85/100/125


Check price
Swhacker 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3100


Check price
OTW Hunting Broadheads100


Check price
Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadheads100/125


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Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade100


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New Archery Products NAP Spitfire Crossbow100


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Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead85/100/125/150


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Slick Trick Magnum100


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Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery100/125


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Top 10 Broadheads for Elk

Broadheads are not made equal. They’re available in different types and brands. Each brand comes with its benefits and shortcomings. Thus, the broadhead you choose will determine your success in elk hunting. Here’re the top 10 broadheads for elk.

1. Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow

The Rage Crossbow broadhead is built with advanced technology in mind for maximum damage on the prey upon impact. It’s designed as a mechanical broadhead with massive blades on the sides and a sharp, pointed tip.

Top Features

  • Advanced technology: One of the features that stand out most in this broadhead is that it features Shock Collar Technology. This technology allows the blade to remain in place during storage and flight and only opens upon hitting the prey. That way, it’s able to travel with maximum speed and force.
  • Ferrule alignment: Another advanced technology integrated into this broadhead is the ferrule alignment technology. This technology enhances its aerodynamics such that it’s able to fly with maximum velocity throughout its flight path. It’s able to cover a long distance while maintaining maximum energy and velocity for maximum damage on the prey.
  • Aluminum construction: The broadhead is made of tapered aluminum alloy. The aluminum material is quite strong such that it’s able to penetrate the tough elk skin and flesh without losing its shape and form. Thus, you’re assured of investing in a long-lasting broadhead.
  • Stainless steel blades: Another great feature of this broadhead is that it comes with a pair of stainless steel blades. The blades measure 0.035 inches thick. They’re razor-sharp for enhanced piercing through the hide and flesh of an elk.
  • Slip-cam blade system: Additionally, the blades feature a slip-cam design system that allows for a sweeping angle once they open up upon hitting the elk. That way, they open up at a wide-angle to allow for maximum bleeding, thanks to their 2-inches plus cutting diameter. Consequently, the elk will leave a larger blood trail and die more quickly.


  • High precision
  • Comes as a pack of 3
  • Available in either 100 or 125 grain
  • High-quality investment
  • Can be used with high-speed crossbow bolts


  • The broadhead collar is not very durable
  • Practice head not included as described by the manufacturer


The Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow broadhead is ideal for making accurate and consistent shots and stands out in producing large blood trails.

2. G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead 3/pk

The G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead comes as a pack of three broadheads. It’s available in three different weights including 85 grain, 100 grain, and 125 grain. Thus, you can get a weight suitable for your arrow.

Top Features

  • Top-quality performance: One of the features that make this broadhead stand out among its competitors is that it’s built to offer guaranteed performance. Each broadhead in the pack of three has undergone several tests including spin, deployment, sharpness, and strength tests.
  • Simple to use: The broadhead is designed as a fixed broadhead. It doesn’t have any separate components. Thus, there’s no assembling required. You’ll simply screw it onto your arrow and get ready to take a shot.
  • Steel construction: The broadhead is entirely made of premium quality stainless steel. The toughness of the steel material makes it long-lasting since it doesn’t break easily. Besides, it’s not prone to rust and corrosion.
  • Diamond cut sharpness: Each broadhead in the pack features three blades with a sharp, pointed tip. The blades feature diamond-cut sharpness. Their sharpness combined with their 1 1/8 inches cutting diameter is capable of making maximum damage on an elk for a larger blood trail.
  • High-speed applications: Another top feature of this broadhead is that it’s specially designed for use with high-speed crossbows, especially when using the 100 or 125 grain variant. Thus, it’s capable of hitting an elk fast enough before it runs off.


  • Enhanced cutting power
  • Filed point accuracy
  • Extremely strong blades
  • Maintains maximum velocity
  • Tapered bladed design for easier re-sharpening


  • Higher price range
  • They make some noise during flight


The G5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead stands out for its simplicity, making it a great choice for less experienced bow hunters.

3. Swhacker 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3

The Swhacker 2 Inch Cut Broadheads are available as a set of three broadheads. It’s available as a 100 grain broadhead. The broadheads feature uniquely designed blades for enhanced cutting through the hide and ribs of an elk.

Top Features

  • Two separate blades: These broadheads feature two separate blades. The blades are uniquely designed such that one set of the blades is fixed while the second set is expandable. The fixed blades cut through the hide and ribs upon impact whereas the larger expandable blades open up once the broadhead penetrates the body to widen the wound.
  • Tough construction materials: The ferrule is made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum for enhanced strength and durability. The pointed tip is made of hardened carbon steel to give it the much-needed strength to pierce through the tough hide and ribs of an elk. Additionally, the blades are made of stainless steel for enhanced durability.
  • Razor-sharp blades: The blades are 0.032 inches thick. They deliver a massive 2-inch cutting diameter. Thus, they create a wide wound for enhanced hemorrhage to kill an elk faster and to leave a more visible blood trail.
  • Shrink band design: Each broadhead features a shrink band design. The design keeps the expanding blades closed in place during flight. They only open up once the chisel point pierces through the hide. The design eliminates issues that come with an O-ring retention mechanism.
  • Reliable operation: Another top feature of these broadheads is that their designs make the mechanical blades highly reliable. They hardly fail to deploy once the chisel point pierces into the hide and flesh. Also, they’re reliable over a long-distance flight do to their enhanced aerodynamic design.


  • Durable construction
  • Great penetration
  • Highly accurate
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum ferrule
  • The main blades retain their sharpness for quite long


  • The blades loosen up easily
  • They tend to produce a rattling noise


The unique design behind Swhacker 2 Inch Cut Broadheads makes them ideal for deep penetration when shooting from any angle.

4. OTW Hunting Broadheads

The OTW Hunting Broadheads are one of the best broadheads for elk. They come as a set of 6 broadheads that are designed with affordability in mind. Each broadhead comes features a weight of 100 grains for enhanced performance.

Top Features

  • Harden tips: One of the top features of these broadheads is that they are made of steel tips. The tips are hardened such that they allow for maximum penetration through the hide, bones, and flesh of an elk. Besides, their hardened nature makes them durable. They maintain their sharpness for several hunting seasons.
  • Stable flight: Another top feature is that the design of the tip, blades, and the entire broadhead allows it to maintain a stable flight. It’s highly accurate such that you’re more likely to hit the center of the target for more successful hunting. Also, its design allows for enhanced accuracy in long-distance shooting.
  • Three sharp blades: Each broadhead comes with 3 sharp blades. The blade inserts are designed and angled in such a way that they increase the chances of killing an elk. Since the blades are fixed, you’re assured that they’ll cut through the flesh of an elk. They boast of having a cutting diameter of 1 ¼ inch for more damage on the prey.
  • Rigid construction: The blades are made of stainless steel. They’re solidly built and cut through an elk without bending or breaking. Thus, you can rely on their rigid construction to kill a mature elk.
  • Portable box: The set of 6 broadheads come with a portable carrier box. The box will allow you to store and carry the broadheads safely. That way, the risk of damaging the broadheads or injuring yourself when carrying the broadheads is reduced. The carrier box is portable such that you can easily carry it along with you when going to the woods to hunt.


  • Greatly priced
  • Great penetration ability
  • Top-quality build
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Chisel tips for bone-crushing strength


  • No weight variants
  • Some of the blades have nicks


The OTW Hunting Broadheads are a great option for anyone looking for affordable yet high-performance broadheads for elk.

5. Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadheads

These broadheads from Ramcat some as a set of 3 broadheads. They are available in two weight variants including 100 and 125 grains. They’re entirely made of stainless steel for enhanced strength and durability.

Top Features

  • Unique blade design: The blades that come with the broadheads are built over the shaft. They’re offset on the body of the broadhead to allow for a vortex type of cut on the prey. That way, you’re more likely to fall the prey with a single shot.
  • Pivoting broadhead design: Another top feature of these broadheads is that they feature a pivoting design. The pivot design makes it possible for the arrow to continue driving the broadhead into the prey upon impact. Consequently, it’s able to penetrate through bones.
  • Great aerodynamics: The broadhead is designed to fly with enhanced accuracy like a broadhead. Each broadhead features deep lobes on the tip such that an airfoil is created. That way, wind planning is eliminated for enhanced accuracy. Besides, the broadheads feature a concave scoop technology that allows for a noiseless flight.
  • Back cut blade technology: The blades are sharped both on the front and the rear. That way, they do a lot of damage when penetrating a prey. Additionally, they cause a lot of damage on entry and within the prey. They also cause more damage if they pass through the prey.
  • O-ring insert system: These broadheads feature two O-rings and innovative Firenock concentric technology that keeps the shank properly aligned within the insert. That way, thread slip is eliminated. Besides, their screw-in design makes it easy to install in a crossbow bolt.


  • Available as a pack of three
  • Affordable price range
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Sturdy fixed blades
  • Two weight varieties to choose from


  • The tip is slightly jagged
  • The hex screw requires frequent tightening


The design behind the Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadheads makes them ideal for use with any crossbow, thanks to their aircraft technology that makes them fly accurately like field points.

6. Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade

Muzzy is one of the most popular broadhead manufacturers. Their broadheads are popular due to their advanced and innovative design. The Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade broadhead is not left behind. It’s made for enhanced reliability when hunting and features a weight of 100 grains.

Top Features

  • Unique blade locking mechanism: One of the features that stand out most in this broadhead is that it comes with both fixed and expandable blades. The expandable blades have a unique locking mechanism. The locking mechanism keeps the blades secured in the ferrule during flight. That way, they stay in place for maximum velocity during flight and only deploy upon hitting the target.
  • Hybrid design: The broadhead features a unique and innovative hybrid blade design. It comprises of two expandable blades at the rear and two fixed blades toward the front. The blades are angled in an offset manner to allow for field point accuracy and induce spin during flight.
  • Wide cutting surface: The fixed blades have a cutting diameter of 1 inch whereas the expandable blades have a cutting diameter of 1 5/8 inches. Thus, you’ll have a total cutting diameter of 2 5/8 inches. That way, the broadhead can make a large entry wound for more damage.
  • Bone shattering ability: The tip is specially designed to shatter the bones of a mature elk. It’s made of hardened steel for superior penetration strength. Additionally, the sturdy steel ferrule doesn’t deflect or deform once the tip strikes bones.
  • Aerodynamic design: The broadhead features an advanced aerodynamic design. It’s designed to allow for pinpoint accuracy, even when shooting at long distances. Consequently, its aerodynamic design increases the chances of hitting an elk.


  • Superior build quality
  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Durable construction materials
  • Chisel tip
  • Comes in a pack of three broadheads


  • They don’t penetrate well when shooting a target at an angle
  • Only available in a weight of 100 grains


If you’re looking for a broadhead that can leave a large blood trail to easily follow an elk that doesn’t fall instantly after being hit, then you won’t go wrong with the Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade broadhead.

7. New Archery Products NAP Spitfire Crossbow

This pack of 3 broadheads from New Archery Products is specially designed for use with crossbow bolts. Each broadhead in the pack features a weight of 100 grains. They have a wide cutting diameter for maximum damage to the prey.

Top Features

  • Trophy tip: The broadheads feature a trophy tip that is made of toughened high carbon steel material. The quality of the tip material makes it super durable. It’s strong enough to pierce through tough hide and bones without getting damages easily.
  • Slimline ferrule design: The ferrule of the broadheads features a slimline ferrule design with grooves. This design enhances the flight speed and accuracy of the broadheads as it makes them cut through the air effortlessly. Furthermore, this ferrule design allows for improved penetration through the prey.
  • Patented Diamize blades: These broadheads boast of having patented Diamize blades. These blades are designed to cut through the flesh extensively, thanks to their extreme sharpness. They’re able to deliver a lot of knockdown power and hemorrhaging.
  • Replaceable blades: These broadheads are advantageous in that the blades are replaceable. In case the blades lose their shape or get damaged after several hunting seasons, then you can simply replace the blades rather than buying an entire broadhead. This makes them economical in the long run.
  • Extensive cutting diameter: Each broadhead comes with 3 blades. The blades have a cutting diameter of 1 ½ inch. Thus, you can expect a large blood trail upon hitting an elk on the best spot.


  • Reliable blade retention during flight
  • Devastating penetration
  • Bone crushing strength
  • Maintains high accuracy over a long distance
  • Great for high-speed shooting applications


  • A bit challenging to pull out of the prey
  • Not the best for less powerful crossbows


If you’re using a high-speed crossbow for hunting, then these New Archery Products NAP Spitfire Crossbow broadheads will be your ideal option for the best shooting accuracy.

8. Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead

The Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead comes as a pack of three broadheads. They’re versatile in terms of weight options such that you can choose between 85, 100, 125, and 150 grains. Thus, there’s a broadhead weight for any crossbow bolt.

Top Features

  • Serrated blade: The main blade of each broadhead in this pack of three has a serrated design. This design, combined with the chisel point, allows for superior penetration deep into the prey. The serrated blade can deliver a lot of tissue damage for a quicker kill.
  • Four blades: These broadheads feature a unique blade design. The two serrated blades extend to form a chisel tip and cut through the hide, flesh, and bones whereas the other two smaller blades open up the wound further for massive hemorrhage. As a result, you’ll be able to recover a hit elk much faster.
  • Spin tested: Each broadhead has undergone extensive spin testing under extreme conditions. Thus, you’re assured of superior accuracy when shooting with these broadheads. Furthermore, they’re ideal for use with high-speed bows.
  • Standard diameter: It’s worth noting that these broadheads feature a standard diameter. Thus, you can screw them into any standard crossbow bolt. This makes them a near-universal fit. Besides, no assembling is needed for easier use.
  • Top-quality construction: Additionally, these broadheads boast of having a top-quality construction. They’re made of stainless steel. Thus, they’re able to stand weather elements for enhanced longevity, making them one of the best broadheads for elk.


  • Superior penetration
  • Great design for maximum speed
  • Several weight options
  • Field point accuracy


  • Higher price range
  • Quite challenging to sharpen


The Stinger Buzzcut 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead stands out for its availability in several weights, making a suitable brand for use with any crossbow bolt.

9. Slick Trick Magnum

The Slick Trick Magnum broadheads come as a pack of four broadheads. Each broadhead has a total weight of 100 grains.

Top Features

  • Four-edged tip: Each tip is extremely sharp and features four edges. That way, the tip can pierce and split tough bones upon hitting the target prey. As a result, the tip can easily pass through the ribs and hit vital organs for a faster kill.
  • Four sharp blades: The broadheads come with four sharp blades. The blades feature a cutting diameter of 1 1/8 inches. The benefit of the four blades is that they create a large wound through the prey. That way, they make more damage for higher chances of falling down the prey quickly.
  • Low-profile design: These broadheads feature a low-profile design that allows for high-speed flight. As a result, they’re perfect for use with modern, high-speed crossbows. Their low profile design also allows them to penetrate deeper into the prey.
  • Toughened steel ferrules and blades: The ferrules are made of toughened steel. They’re built for longevity such that they don’t bend easily. Their steel construction also makes them resist harsh weather elements. The blades are also made of stainless steel for improved durability.
  • Alcatraz blade lock mechanism: Another outstanding feature of these broadheads is that they come with a patented Alcatraz blade lock mechanism. This blade lock mechanism ensures that the blades maintain a consistent and high-speed flight.


  • Field point flight
  • The blades are replaceable
  • Easy to sharpen the blades
  • They easily make pass-through shots


  • They’re quite pricey
  • Lacks weight variety
  • Some assembling is required


If you don’t mind paying more for reliable broadheads, then you should add the Slick Trick Magnum broadheads in your shortlist.

10. Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery

The Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery is available in a weight of either 100 or 125 grain. You can choose the weight depending on the kind of crossbow you’re using. The broadheads come as a pack of three broadheads.

Top Features

  • Pressed tip: Each broadhead comes with a stainless steel tip featuring a pressed design. The tip is pressed under extreme force. The smart pressed tip design allows the broadhead to maintain a straighter flight, thereby increasing the chances of hitting the center of the target.
  • Sturdy blades: Another outstanding feature of these broadheads is that the blades are made of tough stainless steel. The blades are extremely sturdy such that they won’t snap upon impact. As a result, they’ll serve you for several hunting seasons to come.
  • Heavy-hitting power: The broadheads are available in either 100 or 125 grain varieties. Either weight is designed to offer heavy-hitting power. Furthermore, the broadheads have undergone testing through tough materials to guarantee you reliability in hitting big game such as elk.
  • Aerodynamic blade design: Each broadhead features three blades. The blades are properly lined with the tip. This design makes it possible for the blades to cut the prey immediately on contact. Also, the design enhances the flight of the blades.
  • Uniquely designed ferrule: The ferrule of these broadheads features a unique design. The ferrule has a small surface area that allows the broadheads to fly like a dart. Hence, they’re able to penetrate deeply into the prey to cause more damage.


  • Comes with two extra blades
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • 1 1/8 inch cutting diameter
  • Trocar tip edges


  • Challenging to replace the blades
  • The blades are a little thin
  • Not the best for a learner


The Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery stands out for their powerful striking power, making them ideal for hunting any big game such as elk, deer, and hogs.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Broadheads for Elk

Finding the right broadhead for elk hunting is not a walk in the park. It requires intensive research. Besides, you want to be assured that you’ll be spending your money on broadheads that will serve you for several hunting seasons to come. You can stand better chances of choosing the right broadhead for your hunting needs by considering these factors:

1. Weight

One of the most important factors to consider is the weight of the broadhead. The weight of a broadhead is expressed in grains. You can choose between grain weights such as 75, 85, 100, 125, 150, and higher. The most common broadhead weight is 100 grains. The kind of weight you’ll choose should depend on the kind of arrow and crossbow you’re using.

Typically, a heavier broadhead should be used with a heavier arrow and a more powerful crossbow. If you use a heavy broadhead on a light arrow, then the spine of the arrow will be weakened and the arrow won’t fly straight. Also, if you use a heavier broadhead with a less powerful crossbow, the crossbow will not generate enough power to shoot the broadhead accurately. Thus, ensure the weight of the broadhead matches with that of the arrow and the power of the crossbow.

2. Construction material

When shopping for broadheads for elk, you should remember that they’ll be hitting the tough hide and bones of a mature elk or any other large game you prefer hunting. Thus, you should ensure that the broadhead is made of a tough material to sustain the impact of hitting tough hide and bones. Most importantly, ensure the broadhead tip, blades, and ferrule are made of tough materials such that they won’t lose their shape and form upon hitting the prey. Also, the construction material should resist weather elements for enhanced durability.

3. Cutting diameter

The cutting diameter of blades will largely determine the size of the wound they create on the prey. Typically, a wider wound will translate into more damage, more hemorrhage, and a larger blood trail. That way, you’ll be more likely to kill the prey faster and easily follow its blood trail. Preferably, choose a broadhead with a larger cutting diameter.

4. Number of blades

Different models of broadheads come with a different number of blades. Typically, most broadheads come with 2, 3, or 4 blades. A higher number of blades increases the chances of making a more devastation shot on the prey. Also, more blades may result in a larger blood trail. At the same time, more blades may result in more drag and lower flight velocity.

5. Tip design

The tip of a broadhead is the first point of contact on a target. Thus, it should be designed in a way that it can easily pierce through the hide, flesh, and bones of the prey. It should be sharply pointed and tough to sustain the impact of hitting tough prey.

6. Type of broadhead

Broadheads are available in three main types including fixed blades, expandable blades, removable blades, and hybrid blades. Here, your choice should depend on your personal preference. Fixed and removable blades cut an animal upon impact. Expandable blades fly with the blades locked and expand outward after impact. Expandable blades typically fly at a higher speed for longer distances than fixed and removable blades.

When choosing expandable blades, ensure they have a reliable locking mechanism to remain locked in place during flight and reliably open up after impact. On the other hand, if choosing fixed and removable blades, ensure they’re angled in such a way that they don’t impair the flight. Removable blades are the most economical option in the long run since you can replace the blades alone rather than buying a new replacement broadhead. Fixed blades are advantages over expandable and removable blades in that the blades don’t get loose over time since they’re permanently fixed in place.

Hybrid blades, on the other hand, combine both the basics of fixed blades and expandable blades. They typically have four blades such that two of the blades are fixed whereas two are expandable blades. That way, they come with the benefits of both expandable and fixed blade broadheads. However, they’re often more expensive than the other types of broadheads and are only suitable for use by expert shooters.

7. Aerodynamic design

Another important factor to consider is the aerodynamic design of the broadhead. It should be designed in such a way that it reduces drag during its flight. That way, the broadhead will maintain an accurate flight for more precise shots. Consequently, a great aerodynamic design will allow the broadhead to fly longer distances at a high speed for a more powerful impact on the prey.

8. Blade sharpness

It’s also necessary to ensure that the blades of a broadhead are sharp. With sharp blades, the broadhead is more likely to enter deeper into the prey for more damage or even pass through the prey for maximum damage. Also, sharp blades will be able to cut through tough hide and bones of the prey. If the blades become blunt after some hunting sessions, sharpen them before the next hunt.


To ensure that you stand higher chances of killing an elk quickly, you will need high-quality broadheads. Take your time to do a thorough comparison between several options when looking for the best broadheads for elk. Remember to consider the factors discussed here when making your choice. Also, think about your shooting range, skill level, and accuracy when making your choice. Hopefully, our reviews will assist you in finding the right broadheads for your elk hunt.

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