2 Blade Vs 3 Blade Broadhead: Choose the Best One

5.25 vs 6.5 speakers: Which is the best for my car

Broadheads are specially designed for hunting larger game like bears and deer. Their impact is largely low energy. As a result, accuracy matters a lot for successful hunting. Also, the blades must be very sharp for maximum damage to the prey. Broadheads are available in two main types including mechanical blade broadheads and fixed blade … Read more

Rage Vs Swhacker: Which is the Right Pick for Me?

Rage Vs Swhacker

It’s extremely tough to choose the right broadheads for your arrows. You’ve probably tried some broadheads and you didn’t like their performance. Also, maybe you want to try different types of broadheads before choosing a specific type for all your hunting needs. Generally, broadheads are available as either fixed-blade broadheads or mechanical-blade broadheads. Fixed-blade broadheads … Read more

How to Aim a Compound Bow without Sights

how to aim a compound bow without sights

A compound bow uses pulleys to propel an arrow toward a target at a faster speed than traditional bows. However, hitting the target with a compound bow requires aiming accurately. That’s where peep sights come in handy to save the situation. Peep sights make it easier to aim at a target and increase the chances … Read more

Wrist Release or Thumb Release: Which is better for hunting?

Wrist Release or Thumb Release Which is better for hunting

Hunting requires using the right techniques to succeed in hitting a target more accurately. Without the right techniques, you’ll find it extremely challenging to catch prey. One of the best techniques that assist in hunting more successfully is the use of release aids. Release aids are mechanical devices that assist in releasing the bowstring instead … Read more