How to Use Peep Sights to Improve Your Aiming and Shooting Accuracy

A peep sight is a small tool that is attached to a bowstring and assists in aiming and shooting more accurately. Thus, it enhances the chances of hitting a target successfully when hunting or during archery. It works by assisting the shooter to have a wider field of view for more accurate shooting. However, you need to learn how to use peep sights to improve your aiming and shooting accuracy. Read on to find out how.

Choose the Correct Size of the Peep Sight

The size of the peep sight you’ll use will have a huge impact on improving your shooting accuracy. Peep sights come in different sizes. You should use the right size of a peep sight depending on external conditions. For instance, if you’re hunting in open terrain, then you should use a small peep. A small peep has a smaller aperture such that it increases the depth of view. That way, the small aperture increases the size of the target in terms of view. Consequently, your margin of error is reduced, thereby shooting with more accuracy.

On the other hand, if you’re hunting in a thick forest, you should use a larger peep sight. Also, if you’re hunting in poorly lit conditions or at dusk, then a larger peep sight will be your best choice. This is because when there’s little light, your sight image will be darker. Thus, a larger peep sight will allow you to see your target more clearly in a thick forest or in low light conditions. Also, anyone with visual problems should use a larger peep for better aiming.

Type of Peep Sight

The type of peep sight you use will also determine your viewing and shooting accuracy. You’ll need to choose between tubed sights and tubeless peep sights. Tubed sights are self-aligning. They’re the best option when hunting during extreme weather conditions. This is because a self-aligning peep aligns itself whenever the bowstring rotates after shooting an arrow or when the bowstring twists during weather changes.

Tubeless peep sights are either two slot or triple slot peep sights. Two slot sight peeps are simple to use such that they can enhance your accuracy as a first-timer archer or hunter. Triple slot peeps are more challenging to install but are not affected by twisting of the bowstring.

Mount the Peep Sight Properly

If you invest in a peep sight for your bow, you can only benefit from it by learning how to mount it properly. Incorrect peep placement will compromise your sight and accuracy. The best peep placement should be in the most natural position for you. You should place it in a location where you can look through the peep aperture naturally when drawing your bow.

You should not mount the peep in a position where you have to struggle to look for it when aiming. It should be in your natural line of sight at full draw. Thus, ensure the peep is not placed either too high or too low from your line of sight. You can test your peep to check whether it’s correctly placed before going to hunt or before participating in archery.

You can test the peep by drawing your bow to check the placement of the peep sight. Upon drawing it fully, close your eyes and settle into your natural anchor position. Next, open your eyes and check the location of your peep sight. In case it’s too high or too low, adjust it accordingly.


Selecting the right size and type of a peep sight for every hunting or archery situation and mounting it the right way is the surest way of improving your aiming and shooting accuracy. Thus, keep these tips in mind before and after buying a peep sight for your bow.

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