Rage Vs Swhacker: Which is the Right Pick for Me?

It’s extremely tough to choose the right broadheads for your arrows. You’ve probably tried some broadheads and you didn’t like their performance. Also, maybe you want to try different types of broadheads before choosing a specific type for all your hunting needs.

Generally, broadheads are available as either fixed-blade broadheads or mechanical-blade broadheads. Fixed-blade broadheads are broadheads whose blades don’t move. They’re permanently fixed on the ferrule and angled outward from the tip. On the other hand, mechanical-blade broadheads, also known as expandable broadheads, are broadheads whose blades remain inside the ferrule when the arrow is on its flight path and expand outward upon hitting the target.

Whether you prefer fixed-blade or mechanical-blade broadheads, it’s important to choose the right type of broadheads. Considering there’re many manufacturers of broadheads, choosing the right type is often hectic. In fact, there’s an unending debate on Rage vs Swhacker broadheads. Rage and Swhacker are some of the leading manufacturers of broadheads. This guide discusses Swhacker broadheads vs rage broadheads in detail to assist you in determining the better brand for your needs.

Swhacker Broadheads-Quick Review

Swhacker is among the biggest names in the world of archery and crossbows. The company specializes in manufacturing some of the best broadheads. Most broadheads from Swhacker come with a broadhead for practice purposes. Thus, you can use the practice broadhead to hit a target to have an experience of their field tips.


Swhacker broadheads feature a very unique design. In fact, Swhacker is popular for its unique and intelligently designed broadheads. Their broadheads are among the best you can find today. They manufacture both mechanical and fixed broadheads. Their mechanical broadheads are available in 2-blade and 3-blade options whereas their fixed broadheads are available as 4-blade broadheads.

Once the tip hits the target to open up the skin, the first set of blade edges open up the wound further. These blades are specially designed to cut through the hide, fat, and tissue. Their design also makes them sever through ribs and other bones.

Swhacker broadheads maintain more penetration without losing a lot of energy after impact. The design behind the blades also keeps the ferrule protected by sharing the load upon impact. The first set of edges are also designed to initiate the second set of edges to open upon entering the target. The second edges of the blade are designed to tear vital organs and internal tissue. The edges leave a noticeable blood trail for easier trailing.


Swhacker broadheads are also unique in that they deliver angled shots. They penetrate the target at an angle. Thus, each shot allows for the broadhead to hit and enter the target easily. The angled shots mean that they don’t lose a lot of efficiency upon hitting the target.

Who should use Swhacker broadheads?

These broadheads are most suitable for hunters who hunt small to medium-sized prey. You shouldn’t use them for hunting prey bigger than an adult deer. The broadheads are reliable for shooting arrows over long distances, thanks to their aerodynamic design. Also, their expandable design allows the blades to deploy at all times without failure upon hitting a target.

Rage Broadheads-Quick Review

Rage broadheads feature award-winning designs. They’re among the best expandable broadheads you can find today. Rage broadheads feature innovative technology that makes them a trusted and reliable brand.


Rage only manufactures mechanical broadheads. Their broadheads feature a rear-deploying mechanism. Rage Hypodermic broadheads feature a plastic shock collar that works as its rear deployment mechanism. Each collar comprises three tabs. Each collar can be used a maximum of three times. Luckily, the blades are replaceable. The edges can be sharpened severally before demanding a replacement.

The blades are designed to bend upon impact for the head to remain intact. Thus, if the blades hit a rib, they might break. In terms of durability, expect to replace them often if you prefer hunting for larger games. Regardless, they are highly effective. They open up a wound largely for more bleeding to create a large blood trail for more successful hunting.


The swept-back design of the blade and the profile of the field tip allows Rage broadheads to achieve high accuracy. They come with a practice head that flies just like real broadheads. Thus, you can be confident that these broadheads will work accurately from longer distances when hunting.

Who should use Rage broadheads?

Rage broadheads are suitable for hunting small to medium game. They’re more effective when shooting from an unobstructed spot. Also, they’re perfect for making a follow-up shot, especially when the first shot doesn’t succeed in felling the prey.


When comparing Rage Hypodermic vs Swhacker broadheads, Swhacker broadheads stand out for their accuracy and solid penetration. Swhacker broadheads leave a big wound for a noticeable blood trail. They’re perfect for hunting small to medium-sized game. Also, they’re available as either fixed or mechanical broadheads. On the other hand, Rage broadheads offer great accuracy and great effectiveness. However, Rage broadheads may require more frequent blade replacement after hitting tough bones. Also, Rage broadheads are only available as mechanical broadheads.

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